February 2018 Update

Since my last update, there has been little change physically, or so I had noticed. I am still in the rental in Tampa. We continue to move ahead on creating our Florida Hacienda. The place for friends and family to visit and unwind for a little while. We have Identified the architect (The same gentleman […]

October 2017 Update

I have had a busy year this year. I have moved back to Florida, having lived here multiple times in the last 20 years. My Wife Patt did not want to leave the last time Feb 2006. It was a career move for me and she relented, unquestionably. We are back now, or at least […]

Update March 21 2017

It has been a few months since my last update. There has been no real Neurological improvement since December. I can definitely state I am stronger, due to Physical Therapy. We say, “If I am not crawling out afterwards, either he, or me, didn’t do our job!” I am beginning to get a handle on […]


  Well, today I had my last Rituximab infusion. This is usually proceeded by Benadryl and it is added again somewhere during the infusion. Benadryl, affects me by making me somewhat listless. I get home and sleep for a few hours, ergo I am awake. This is a milestone for me. I am of the […]

6-September 2016 Entry

I have been reluctant to add an update due to very little change physically. In talking with friends and family, they seem to think that is not true. I have made small improvements they notice, not seeing me every day, that I simply don’t notice. Also there have been a number of visitors come to […]

My Latest Update

I have been going through the expected roller coaster ride after having HSCT. I am definitely no worse as in the degeneration has halted. For those that haven’t quite understood. The is the main purpose of HSCT for us people of the Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS) persuasion. I know a lot of people are […]

4-18 update

Good Day Folks, Today was my second Rituximab Infusion. I had no problem with the infusion itself. My energy level afterwards was nil however. The wife, who took me and brought me home, was worried because I was tired and slept a lot. I felt fine otherwise. I feel fine now 12hrs later. But I […]

Letter from NIH

I have received a letter from NIH that is totally confusing for me. I have been researching MS for only 3 years now, non-stop. I know I am not the most intelligent person in the world. I have however, been around for 57yrs. and have not been idle during that time. I will tell you […]